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Chapulines Sal y Limón | Toasted Grasshoppers


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Chapulines Sal y Limón


Size: 1 Ounce (30 grams) | 1/4 Pound | 1 Pound | 5 Pounds


Ingredients: Grasshoppers, lemon, salt, garlic and chile

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Sal Y Limon Chapulines For Sale

Chapulines: a pre-Hispanic ingredient and snack food modernized with flavors, herbs and spices available today. As a modernization example, Lemons were not available to the Aztecs. Lemons are native to Asia and had to be imported. A minor evolution to an age old food.

The traditional food of grasshoppers has been around as long as humans have been. Not just in Mexico, but around the world, grasshoppers are a favorite delicacy.

These are not the only edible insects enjoyed in Mexico, they have a rich history of incorporating everything from ant eggs to stink bugs in their meals. It’s no surprise to them that we are finding out about the health benefits of insects. The astonishment is that we are just now discovering it.

Fun Fact: Grasshoppers have more Omega 3 than salmon.

Grasshoppers are rich in nutrients such as protein, all nine essential amino acids, many B vitamins, pre-biotic fiber, calcium, zinc and iron, yet low in sugar and fat.

You eat chapulines straight from the bag or use them as an ingredient in dishes from tacos to salads. The one thing you can be sure of… your guests will take note. Love them or hate them, people talk about their first time eating these delicious bugs. They are great for parties and gatherings but also keep in mind, they are very nutritious and a good staple for any health conscious family.

Fun Fact: Grasshoppers are a great source of chitin, a prebiotic fiber which delivers nutrients for probiotics.

There are many restaurants in Mexico that have chapulines on the menu and when you are visiting Mexico, they will be easy to find in just about any marketplace. But, here in the USA, they were relative rare. That is, until now. You can buy three flavors of chapulines here.



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Chapulines are simply grasshoppers and they can be prepared in many ways. Our Chapulines are prepared dry so they can be used as a snack food or as an exotic ingredient (at least here in the U.S.). Plus, the dry weight gives you many more chaps than the chapulines prepared in oil. ×
Although chapulines are common in central Mexico, they are almost unheard of here in the U.S. making them an exotic ingredient. A great addition to any menu. ×
Grasshoppers are high in protein, Omega 3, B12 and many more vitamins and minerals. Grasshoppers are a prebiotic fiber which is food for probiotics. They are super healthy and also sustainable and planet friendly. ×
Whether people love or hate eating grasshoppers, they will talk about it and post about their experience. Be the talk of the town. Word of mouth at it's finest! ×